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U.S citizenship is the process by which an individual must go through to live legally within the United States . If an individual does not gain U.S. citizenship through either birth or descent, he or she may achieve citizenship through a process called naturalization .Naturalization involves the acquisition of citizen status through specialized legal processes.  To become a naturalized citizen of the United States , a foreign national first must meet several legal standards: 


The benefits of U.S. citizenship are numerous, including the ability to sponsor relatives and family members so they can immigrate to the United States .


Sometimes, the naturalization process can be lengthy, especially when dealing with stuffy government bureaucrats. Hiring an experienced US immigration naturalization lawyer can help speed up the process. Our offices located in the United States know how to work with the system to help you in the process.


Every year, approximately 150,000 permanent residents become Canadian citizens. We can assist you about how to be one of them. Unlike permanent residents, Canadian citizens are allowed to be absent from Canada for extended periods of time without any risk of losing their status. Except in rare cases, Canadian citizens cannot be deported from Canada . Canadian citizens also receive Canadian passports and are entitled to vote in federal elections.


Applicants for citizenship must meet the following requirements:


  • be 18 years of age or older at the time of application
  • be permanent residents of Canada
  • have lived in Canada for at least three of the four years preceding their application
  • be able to communicate in either English or French
  • pass a citizenship test if between the ages of 18 and 54
  • other criteria may apply


Even though Austrian citizenship application process takes a long time and involves much paperwork, we have experience and in depth knowledge to advice and represent in citizenship. Generally, you need to stay in Austria for a minimum of 10 years in order to apply for citizenship. Alternatively, you can file your application if you are married for at least 5 years to an Austrian citizen. The main criteria for the process are:


  • Sufficient knowledge of the German language
  • You will lose your previous citizenship. Only under certain circumstances, you may be eligible for multiple citizenship
  • No pending criminal proceedings
  • No pending procedure for ending your stay in Austria
  • Ability to earn a livelihood


A person can become a citizen of Malaysia either by registration or naturalization . In cases by registration, where a person is by operation of law is a citizen but have yet to be registered, such person is entitled to citizenship upon application and be registered as a citizen of Malaysia. For cases by naturalization, this refers to the process of admitting a person not a citizen of Malaysia to citizenship. This is subjected to the requirements and conditions of the Federal Government. A person may also apply to become a Malaysian citizen. He must have a working knowledge of the language and have lived in the country for 10 of the past 12 years, including the 12 months prior to applying for citizenship .A ny person holding Malaysian citizenship is also disallowed to hold any other country's citizenship. Malaysia does not allow dual citizenship .


A non-Cypriot may gain Republic of Cyprus citizenship through marriage to a Cyprus citizen and through a naturalization process. If a non-citizen marries a Cypriot spouse, they may apply for citizenship after three years of marriage and peaceful cohabitation..

To apply for citizenship through the Republic's naturalization process, you must be able to prove that, over the course of the eight years prior to your application, you have lived in Cyprus for at least five years-- or, for those seeking citizenship who are employed as athletes of Cyprus or working for foreign corporations, they must be able to prove at least seven years of residence over the eight years prior to application.

Why Cyprus?
  • Advantageous tax regime
  • Member of European Union
  • Strategic business & commercial center


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